What's your flagship brew?

We’re dipping our hands in hop barrels across Minnesota to find the best craft beer your brewery has to offer.

Which of your brews defines you?

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2 minutes...for the love of the craft
If you love beer, love the culture, and love the adventure of touring across the state sampling the best of the best –you’re gonna love this. And it will only take 2 minutes.

We’re looking to help solidify Minnesota as the craft beer capital of the midwest. And with the success of the Periodic Table of Craft Beers we think this will be even bigger.

To do that, we need is you to send us what your MN Flagship Brew is and we’re going to create an epic work of art to feature your beer and brewery along with your fellow brethren of the craft game.

If you’re a passionate fan, we’d love it if you would share this to your favorite breweries and encourage them to submit their flagship brew. There may be a little something in it for you too.

Opportunity Ends 12.31.2016

Flagship Brews Poster
What's in it for you?

Epic Poster

Once we’ve received everything, a guest artist will be creating a customized, 24” x 36” poster for your brewery that will be printed and shipped directly to you, no cost.

Each brewery that participates will have its location and flagship brew represented, but for you, yours will be highlighted.

Beer lovers will recieve a download link to access the poster when it is complete.

Mass Exposure

We want to collect every brewery’s flagship brew and put them on one piece of content. Prepare to be displayed with your peers in taprooms, garages, and basements across Minnesota. And don’t forget about the hipsters and social networks. We got your back.

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